Toaru Hitozuma no Netorare Jijou “Y”

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Toaru Hitozuma no Netorare Jijou “Y” – とある人妻のネトラレ事情『Y』

Toaru Hitozuma No Netorare Jijou “Y” Overview:

A special “lost route” from the storylines of Rascou’s
Circumstances Of A Certain Stolen Wife ADV series.
Tragically cut due to space limitations, this route is
reconstructed and presented as a standalone event.

The game spans 2 weeks via the familiar DEVAGAME system but,
unlike others it’s very minimal, basically bonus content.

Includes some reappropriated artwork from the main titles.

A Town Uncovered

Thread Updated: 2016-01-28
Developer: Rascou
Censored: Yes
Version: 0.30c
OS: Windows
Language: Japanese


Netorare, Rape, Maid, Harem, Mature

Download Toaru Hitozuma no Netorare Jijou “Y”

win: Mediafire

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