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My Wife’s A Star V0.7 Beta is a game about a couple who are both in the show business. The fiance is a talent manager, while the fiancee is a celebrity. They are both engaged to each other and iloveklx throughout the game, you will play as both of them and make decisions for them as they go about their daily lives. The decisions you make will decide whether they end up getting married by the end of the game, or separated, or maybe even ending up in more interesting situations as they try to tackle the challenges of the entertainment industry together. Expect lots of beautiful people, interesting situations, scheming, cheating, voyeurism, parties, orgies, and lots of crazy fun!​

The Intoxicating Flavor

Thread Updated: 2020-04-05
Developer: DeviantWiz Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: 0.7 Beta
OS: Win, Mac
Language: English


1- Extract to desired location and run.

Passcode to unlock all CG is: wwssadad

Download My Wife’s A Star V0.7 Beta


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