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Lust Man Standing V0.11 Overview:
The game takes place in a world where you are the last man alive. The city is filled with beautiful girls that has their own distinct storyline. You are free to explore different locations in the city and pursue whichever girls you find attractive. Each girl is crafted with care to make them beautiful, and yet realistic. They also have their own personality and character arc. You will need to carefully choose your decisions on your quest of lust, survival and maybe even love.​


Thread Updated: 2020-04-08
Developer: EndlessTaboo Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.11
Language: English
OS: Windows, Mac


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Lust Man Standing.exe” to start playing.

How to Run on Older or Slower Windows Systems:

Use dxcpl.exe 
I am assuming that you have an older computer, gpu, or integrated graphics?
This trick allows a DirectX 11+ game – to run on DirectX 10 or 9 hardware.

1 – First see if you have dxcpl.exe ?
Hit the Windows Key + R to get the run box – then type dxcpl – most likely you don’t have it?

2 – If not- just download it below – and click on the dxcpl.exe to run the program.

Then enter these setting:


3 – Edit list


4 – Select the games .exe file.


5 – And make sure “None” and “Force WARP” is selected.

6- Run the program.

7 – Have fun – and…. Cheers as always!!!

DOWNLOAD Lust Man Standing V0.11



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